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We provide a wide range of legal services to agricultural companies and livestock farms, covering the purchase and lease of land and machinery for processing as well as seeds, animal breeding and the use of various fertilizers and products to improve future crops.

You may draw upon our expertise when entering into, or performing your obligations under, purchase contracts involving genetically modified seeds and organisms.

We also support the day-today operations of agribusiness companies, particularly in connection with the staff hiring or dismissal, as well as interactions with contractors or buyers of agricultural products.

Transport & Logistics

Our lawyers provide advice and practical assistance to companies providing transportation and logistics services – by road, rail, sea and air.

We assist with setting up fleets, passenger and cargo carriages, cargo delivery and customs clearance, as well as advising on issues arising in the course of cargo loading, transportation and unloading.

We also offer legal representation and assistance with litigious matters involving charter parties, consignments, laytime and demurrage, CMR/CIM contracts, maritime and other transportation insurance issues, loss/damage of cargo in transit, etc.

Construction & Development

Our lawyers’ expertise and deep understanding of the industry goals and objectives coupled with successful track record in supporting local and international projects ensure that we offer sound commercial advice and practical solutions to our clients needs.

We carry out due diligence on real estate facilities, support sale and purchase and lease procedures, advise on all legal aspects involving the preparation and carrying out of all construction works as well as help obtain appropriate permits and approvals from public authorities.

We are happy to offer initial advice or a second opinion as well as hands-on assistance on all matters related to real estate, construction and development.

Information Technology (IT)

Not only we understand the products made by IT companies, but are also well familiar with the production, sales and delivery processes and cycles.

Our expertise covers issues related to hardware and software, Internet and online trading, social media, cable and satellite TV, telecommunication services, sports, entertainment and gaming, advertising and publishing.

Our lawyers have been involved in projects of varied scale and complexity, ranging from the development of a standard offer for an online store to launching a satellite TV channel.

We are confident that if you choose to work with us we will provide the best legal services available in the market.


Trade in raw materials

Trade in commodities and raw materials

Lawyers of Goldblum and Partners have extensive experience in supporting companies involved in the trade of raw materials representing such sectors as oil and gas, food processing, engineering, and foundry.

Having knowledge and experience in tax law and restructuring, we are able to offer much more than conventional legal assistance covering sale and purchase transactions or protection of infringed rights. Our clients are able to draw on our expertise in such areas as tax optimisation for trading companies, the establishment of appropriate business structures in countries with favourable tax treatment of trading operations and dividends, as well as day-to-day management for such structures.

Our tax lawyers prepare clarifications and issue opinions on tax issues in the relevant countries and obtain rulings on tax rates from tax authorities to release working capital for certain projects.

Finance & Investment

Finance & Investment is one of our key industries. We provide comprehensive legal advice on all aspects of regulated activities.

We assist with obtaining licenses required for certain services, explain and calculate tax amounts payable as well as clarify the regulatory and corporate governance requirements applied to paid officers and employees as well as their duties.

We offer legal support for obtaining banking and investment licenses (FOREX, stocks and bonds, collective investments, trade in gold and precious stones, currency exchange offices, issue of electronic payment instruments, etc.) and advise clients on all legal aspects of their interactions with customers and partners, potential cross-border risks associated with the provision of services in certain jurisdictions and legal issues involving advertising activities.

We advise businesses and individuals on investing in securities, works of art, real estate and other assets. We also provide recommendations regarding sale and purchase agreements and offer legal representation in disputes.

We establish various legal structures in the form of funds and trusts under English trust law or continental law to help our clients protect their assets through assigning certain legal rights while preserving the actual ownership and control.

Food & Beverage

We support companies producing and selling foodstuffs throughout the entire cycle, from purchasing the necessary ingredients to selling products at home and abroad.

Our support extends beyond the production cycle. We assist and advise on setting up contractual relationships with suppliers, hired personnel, managers and owners, interactions with customers, settlement of disputes (e.g. relating to delivery terms or product quality). We have an established network of legal professionals specialising in customs law who are able to handle and clarify legal issues involving exports/imports of food items, customs clearance and certification procedures.

Our lawyers have a proven track record in supporting the full operational cycles for various clients in the sector, from product development to facilitating exports to selected markets.