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Banking & Finance

We represent clients in various interactions, and disputes, with banks, investment firms and other financial institutions.

We advise on compliance with international and national legislation governing tax information exchange, anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing, as well as on FATCA-related issues.

All financial intermediaries and para banking services must be authorised by Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and also supervised by Self-Regulation Organisations. We can handle all licensing requests, applications and provide turnkey solutions for following types of business activity:

— Assets managing on behalf of customers (discretionary or nondiscretionary basis);
— Accept or hold on deposit assets belonging to others and assist in the investment or transfer of such assets;
— Trade in securities (stocks and shares and value rights) as well as their derivatives, banknotes and coins, money market instruments, precious metals, commodities;
— Open FX, CFD and commodity trading accounts for customers;
— ICO allocations, Crypto Currencies trading and changing;
— Carry out credit transactions (in particular about consumer loans or mortgages, factoring, commercial financing or financial leasing);
— Provide services related to payment transactions, in particular by carrying out electronic transfers on behalf of other persons, or who issues or manage means of payment such as credit cards and travellers’ cheques (to use the firm for this will require significant additional costs, time and investment);
— Make investments as investment advisers;
— Hold securities on deposit or manage securities;
— Provides bank account signatory services for clients world wide
— Open bank/investment accounts for clients at banks without the need for a bank reference letter;
— Open numbered bank & investment accounts for clients at select Swiss and Liechtenstein banks.

Real Estate

Goldblum and partners offers support in real estate investment transactions and splitting shareholdings, as well as throughout the entire holding period prior to the sale.

We will always provide you with prior advice on your rights, responsibilities, opportunities and risks associated with the acquisition and disposal of various properties.

We develop appropriate documents and clauses on parties’ obligations, forecast future taxation, etc.

We advise on private investments, commercial and residential leases and other real estate transactions.


The range of our services related to employment law includes advising clients on staff hiring and firing conditions, prospective taxation of their salaries and compensations, voluntary or compulsory insurance against accidents and temporary/permanent or full/partial disability, as well as providing recommendations on various issues related to employer-employee relationships.

Where necessary, we can be instructed to take up the initial selection of candidates for a particular position, draft the required contractual documentation, and assist in carrying out of individual dismissals or staff layoffs in accordance with the applicable law.

Our lawyers can act as mediators in employment disputes involving employers, employees and trade unions.


Our lawyers provide tailored solutions and advice on a wide range of issues associated with business restructuring.

Most cases are related to M&A procedures, going public (IPO), pre-sale of businesses, splitting businesses into several entities and advising on optimal group structures.

We advise clients on opportunities and risks related to restructurings, offer support in implementing legal recommendations, deal with all legal aspects of owner-manager relationships, and assist with obtaining regulatory approvals.

Intellectual property

We provide support in the registration, use and licensing of IPRs, alienation of rights, and handle disputes at both national registrars and EUIPO or WIPO.

We advise on the registration, use and licensing of IPRs, alienation of rights, and handle disputes at both national registrars and EUIPO or WIPO.

We have developed our own know-how for tracking the use of multimedia content (TV and film) by TV channels to prevent illegal distribution. Where an infringement is detected we notify the right holder and assist with the recovery of royalties and other applicable fees from the infringing party.

Our systems allow us to store and analyse the content reproduced on an unlimited number of TV channels for an unlimited period of time, regardless of the media (satellite, cable network or IPTV).

Goldblum lawyers assisted various market players in creating TV channels, infomercials, commercial telecasts and TV shows.

Fintech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies & ICO


Goldblum and Partners provides a full-range of legal services in the sphere of FinTech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and ICO covering all related aspects.

We keep constantly updated on the regulatory framework in these particular, ever-changing areas. We love innovations: Our clients come with challenging, ambitious and creative projects, fuelled by new technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence. We help our clients build their visionary ideas, while making sure they are compliant with the latest legal requirements. ICO’s, alternative payment systems and exchange platforms are becoming a usual part of our everyday life and they still constitute a partially grey area when it comes to regulation.

Providing us with a privileged spot on these phenomena and their evolution, our offices are located in Zug, at the heart of the Swiss “crypto valley”, and in Zürich, — the financial capital of Switzerland.

Goldblum, its Partners and Attorneys received several prestigious awards. We were top-ranked in the renowned IFLR 1000 for the categories Banking and Finance and M&A and Restructuring both in 2015 and 2016; we have been awarded the M&A Awards 2017 as Best European Corporate Law Firm and received four ACQ Law Awards in 2017 as Business Restructuring Firm, Corporate Law Firm, Capital Markets Law Firm and Game Changer of the Year. Finally, we were awarded the 2017 Corporate INTL as Corporate Firm of the Year in Switzerland.

We are able to provide expert assistance with regard to the following areas in the field of FinTech, Blockchain, Crypto and ICO:

Legal Advice on Project Structuring and Regulation:

–    Legal analysis of the project or the company core business with regard to compliance with Swiss Law; Analysis of the business plan and related funding requirements

–    Legal opinions on the regulation matters for the project and on the company’s planned or already conducted operations

–    Inquiries to FINMA regarding necessary regulation

–    Advising investors or project participants on the legal issues with regard to the Swiss system

–    Recommendations on the advertisement materials

Business structuring:

–    Company formation or acquisition of the Swiss shelf company

–    Introduction to banks which are responsible for handling proceeds from funding. Establishing reliable and trustworthy relationship with the Swiss banks involved in the process.

–    Obtaining tax rulings with Cantonal Tax Authorities (for income tax) and Federal Tax Authorities (for withholding tax, stamp duties and VAT) – if applicable

–    Day-by-day company maintenance

–    External AML office service for tracing cryptocurrencies

–    Communicating with Trade Register, Bank, FINMA (Financial Market Supervisory Authority) regarding the business activity

Document Drafting:

  • Review of Terms and Conditions concerning participation in an ICO, etc.
  • Contracts drafting.

Assistance in Obtaining Special Authorisations:

–    Application for SRO-Membership (“License for services in financial sphere” or “para-banking activity”)

–   Authorisation under the Collective Scheme Act

IP Rights for our Clients:

–    Trademarks and patents registration

–    Copyrights

–    Advice on special tax regimes related to the IP ownership


Goldbum and Partners – Fintech Services Brochure

Corporate AND M&A

Corporate law is one of the key practices at Goldblum and Partners. Our expertise allows us to mitigate risks and find tailor-made legal solutions to various issues faced by our clients in the corporate law space.

We offer our clients both business-as-usual and strategic support. Our lawyers have exceptional technical skills and extensive experience gained from multijurisdictional projects.

We have developed hands-on expertise in supporting investment projects and establishing businesses, mostly related to international trade in commodities and raw materials.

Our firm has vast experience in handling projects related to M&A transactions. We offer a full range of services, including due diligence, structuring advice and overall transactional support (from “term sheet” to closing).

We also offer standard fixed-fee services, such as company registration, tax advice, or trade operations structuring, making it easy for you to plan your budget.

наш опыт

Legal advice and registration of a trademark in Europe for a Ukrainian inventor of a new petrol-based fuel mix (Hamburg, Germany.)


Goldblum and Partners (office in Kyiv)
acted as a legal advisor and
contractor in the business
restructuring of BTL LLC (Ukraine)


Registration of intellectual property
rights, tax planning and providing legal support in
an acquisition of a Düsseldorf-based supplier of auto
spare parts and technology.


The firm’s Kyiv and Hamburg offices advised

Virtual Data Computing Operator, a Ukrainian

entity based in Kyiv on tax issues,

IP rights and optimal corporate structure

Emerald Group

Goldblum and Partners have been providing

registration and company secretarial support

for Emerald Group in Switzerland since 2010

NSC Global

Goldblum and Partners (Switzerland)

assisted NSC Global,

a UK-based electronic components

suppler in opening their office in Switzerland

Project People

Goldblum and Partners has been providing registration

and company secretarial services to Project People

in Switzerland since 2010

RID Logistic Solutions GmbH

Goldblum and Partners
acted as a legal advisor and supported the
acquisition of 100%
RID Logistic Solutions GmbH (Austria)


Goldblum and Partners (Hamburg office)

has been a legal advisor and auditor

to BST Automotive Gmb, a producer of

auto spare parts (Sander) since 2010.


Legal and tax consulting as well as

corporate structure optimisation services

to a supplier of electronic components

for measurement devices, computer hardware

and road equipment.


In 2013, Goldblum and Partners advised

the largest telecommunications provider in China

on banking law, taxation, and immigration law issues.


Goldblum and Partners advises on taxation of individuals and legal entities as well as on risks arising from various contractual arrangements. Our primary focus is on legal advice relating to private equity restructuring, individual investments and business restructurings.

We support clients in obtaining individual tax rulings and assessments as well as advise on international tax planning issues.

Tax audits and representation in disputes with tax authorities are also part of our key services.

You can count on us in matters related to obtaining individual tax rulings involving varying interpretations of tax and customs law, tax inspections or tax audits carried out as part of M&A deals.


We represent our clients in their interactions with the immigration and naturalisation authorities. We assist with all types of requests for temporary or permanent residence, citizenship, complex cases of migrant status changes, and residence permits in exchange for investments.

Our lawyers offer expert advice on the steps necessary in the circumstances, the procedure and the applicable requirements imposed by the relevant authorities. If you are looking for a second opinion after having obtained initial advice, we are there to help you.

We also help establish the applicant’s tax residency and justify it to authorities both in the country of residence and the applicant’s home country.